The S&S Story

S & S goal is to provide safe, economical and efficient services to all our customers. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all of your shredding, mowing and spreading needs through a large equipment inventory and a knowledgeable staff experienced in a variety of commodities.


S & S Sprayers is a “ONE STOP” ag pest control, weed control, dust control and fertilizer company. We have the knowledge, equipment and above all the personnel to provide a safe and economical solution to all your Ag service needs. We have moved beyond just being a commercial Ag spraying company. Throughout the years our customers have asked us to provide additional services such as orchard shredding, dust control, blueberry mulching and harvesting. S & S Sprayers has serviced the Agriculture and Oil business of the Southern San Joaquin Valley since 1998. S & S Sprayers is willing and able to provide custom services as the need arises.

S & S Sprayers began in 1998 in the southern San Joaquin Valley just north of Bakersfield, today S & S Sprayers is in the city of Shafter. S & S Sprayers began as a commercial Ag spray company servicing mainly the nut tree industry. Today S & S Sprayers’ list of available services includes brush shredding for both vineyard and trees, spreading gypsum, manure, compost and blends for trees, vineyards and open land. S & S Sprayers also provides Dust Control for the Agriculture and Oil industry. S & S Sprayers also offers Agriculture equipment moving services. S & S Sprayers has a dedicated staff of employees that deliver on time service in a safe, economical and efficient way. S & S Sprayers prides itself on being a ONE STOP for all you Ag services needs.